3 Best Cruising Destinations and Cruisers for Newbies

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3 Best Cruising Destinations and Cruisers for Newbies

You’d be pleasantly surprised to learn that there is a great diversity of choice in the world of cruises. From luxurious yachts to party boats and “adventure” ships, you’ll definitely need time to take a pick that suits you best. Of course, this choice has to be made with budget and length of the trip in mind. If you are not sure what exactly you are looking for, here are suggestions that outline three best cruising destinations for newbies.

See the Pacific Islands

3 best cruising destinations cruisers newbies

Start big and embark on a journey across the endless waters of the Pacific. It seems like a big bite for the first timers, but it’s actually a pretty leisurely endeavor. After all, there must be a solid reason for the rise in popularity of Pacific Island cruises in 2017. You can just kick back with an exotic cocktail in your hand and let the incredible tropical landscapes unfold in front of you.

New Caledonia should be on everyone’s bucket list. You’ll learn why the white-sand Isle of Pines was dubbed the “Jewel of the Pacific” and why people are so transfixed with crystal-clear blue waters of Mare. You’ll get a chance to enjoy colonial architecture of Noumea and dive with the colorful marine life on Vanuatu’s Mystery Island. During this cruise, you’ll finally get a chance to visit Fiji and see what the fuss is all about. Make sure not to miss Fijian Fire Walking and Culture Show. With so many more beaches and towns to enjoy, there is almost too much to enjoy. There’s a vessel departing from Sydney every two to three weeks so you shouldn’t have a problem with finding the perfect moment to begin the cruise.

Norwegian Cruise Line

3 best cruising destinations cruisers newbies

Norwegian cruises are known for their entertainment value. This is the best cruise for all of those who yearn for a wild ride. Some say that carnivalesque shows are not quite as sophisticated as some offered on Royal Caribbean cruise lines, but are definitely charming. All Norwegian ships have obligatory musical shows, comedy sketches, stand-up comedy and improv shows. Sometimes, they’ll even hire celebrities and famous guest performers, so you might just be lucky enough to come across a show that will leave you star-struck. Simply buy a ticket for any of the following ships – Norwegian Getaway, Norwegian Epic, Norwegian Escape and Norwegian Breakaway, and you’ll sign up for nights of endless fun.

Just listing all the entertainment activities these cruises offer doesn’t do them justice. The shows are so much more than one-note gigs. For example, you can enjoy a well-produced adaptation of famous musicals on ice, acrobatic shows with breathtaking high-diving stunts at the pool-based Aqua Theater and dueling pianists that will leave you breathless with their staggering musical skill. Cirque Dreams show even entertains guests during dinner time, and there are various aerial shows in atriums. Aside from these, there are numerous discos, bars and other recreational facilities.

Caribbean Escapade

3 best cruising destinations cruisers newbies

Have you ever asked yourself this question – can you live on a cruise ship without ever needing to disembark? If you decide to go on a cruise to the Caribbean, you might just get a chance to find the answer to that question. Allure of the Seas, the largest ship in the world, begins its tropical journey at Fort Lauderdale, Florida and sails straight for the Caribbean, but along the way, you might just forget where you’re going or that you are on a ship altogether.

This gargantuan vessel is as big as a small town and has everything one might need. It is even divided into neighborhoods. Since the entire ship is full of recreational areas, shops, leisure options and entertainment zones, this sort of cruise enables you to tweak your experience as much as you like. It can be both a relaxing experience and an exciting endeavor. There are even rock climbing walls, zip-lines, ice skating rinks, waterslides and courts for playing basketball, volleyball and soccer. There are innumerable educational and cultural activities for children and teens and various venues for adults of any age. This Caribbean escapade can be a wonderful treat for an entire family or a fun-starved loner.

These wonderful, long cruises are a luxury to be cherished. It’s one of the best and possibly least stressful ways to enjoy a globe-trotting adventure and see beautiful landscapes you’ll hardly ever forget. As far as the “type” of programs these journeys offer, they essentially boil down to – relaxing, fun and adjustable, as seen in the examples above. Whichever you chose, you are bound to have the time of your life.

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