Where You Can Have the Best Cups of Coffee in Melbourne

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Where You Can Have the Best Cups of Coffee in Melbourne

Melbourne might be a melting pot of different cultures, nationalities and backgrounds, but all Melbournians seem to have one thing in common: they all LOVE coffee! They take their cup of coffee very seriously. For them, it’s much more than just a tool that will wake you up in the morning—it’s something that deserves to be respected, savoured and enjoyed as much and as often as possible. So, if you want to have a real Melbournian coffee and share a cup with the locals, here’s where you should go.

Heartattack and Vine

Have you ever craved fresh, speciality coffee at 11 at night? Well, now, you can actually enjoy your cup if you come to Heartattack and Vine. They are ready to brew you a cup of high-quality java from 7 am to 11 pm, every day! Emily and Hootan, the founders of this amazing cafe, were inspired by classic European cafe shops that are open day and night and that serve simple yet quality drinks and food. Hospitality, friendliness and warmth can be found at Heartattack at all times, so if you love to have your coffee with a side of a relaxed and comfy vibe, don’t pass this place on the street.

Market Lane

If you ever wander to the back of the Prahran Market, you can find this simple little cafe that serves real coffee and pastries. If you want one of those complicated novelty Starbucks coffee drinks, you will not find them here. However, at Market Lane, you can find coffee in its true form—simple, pure and tasty. No chocolate syrup and no unicorn food colouring. People at Market Lane are dedicated to making high-quality products accessible to the wide audience. They organize coffee tastings and have bags of coffee you can buy, take home and brew in the comfort of your kitchen. The only problem with Market Lane is the fact that it’s super hidden and you’re not very likely to just run into it. But, here’s a map, because it would be a shame to miss it.

The Providore

The Providore is more than just a restaurant that serves amazing food—it’s a lifestyle! Everyone from The Providore is wholeheartedly committed to a paddock-to-plate philosophy which means you’ll only get the freshest and most delicious food on your plate. It promotes sustainability and green living, as well as tasty meals filled with produce from local producers. Aside from the amazing food, The Providore also serves coffee from the best coffee suppliers in Melbourne, a brand that is called Adore and it’s one of the tastiest and richest coffees on the market. So, if you want to savour a hot cup of flavourful and unique Joe, set aside half an hour and relax at The Providore.


If you’re a bit tired of the hipsterish cafes full of accessories, art and antiquities, then you’ll enjoy Patricia. This cafe will come to you like a breath of fresh air with its minimalist and elegant look. This is a standing room type of cafe bar, and you won’t be able to slowly sip your coffee while surfing the internet, but what you’ll certainly get is to taste some amazing java. So, if you need something to quickly pick you up in the morning, Patricia’s got you.

Monk Bodhi Dharma

If you love to have a hearty meal full of animal protein followed by a cup of coffee, then feel free to walk past Monk Bodhi Dharma, because this little cafe serves only vegan food. Their breakfast and lunch will fill you only with the good kind of protein, fat and carbs, sans the guilt! Instead of meat, they have the most excellent coffee and baristas who know what they’re doing and are always ready to help with the menu and your flavour profile.

Seven Seeds Cafe

Seven Seeds Cafe is determined to use all of their resources to spread coffee all over Melbourne, Australia and the world. This industrial-style cafe with concrete floors will satisfy all your java cravings with their Ethiopian, Colombian and Brazilian roasts as well as fill your tummy with some tasty breakfast food they serve all day!

Any time you happen to pass one of these cafes, don’t hesitate to treat yourself to some quality coffee that will certainly pick you up and make your day.

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