My Disaster in London #Rachelsworldtrip

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My Disaster in London #Rachelsworldtrip


When i boarded the huge A380 in Singapore and noticed that i was sitting next to a cute blonde guy for the next 13 hours, i smiled. There’s nothing wrong with eye candy. Yana was from Switzerland but spoke with a French accent. He was in his early 20’s and had just finished studying in Australia. The plane was full and i had luckily secured an aisle seat. My flight between Singapore – Zurich – London was one of the longest during my 28 day, 9 Country trip. I should’ve known it wasn’t going to be a ball of laughs. Welcome to ‘Episode 2’ of #rachelsworldtrip.

My Disaster in London Rachelsworldtrip

Jetlag takes its toll, look at the bags under my eyes #rachelsworldtrip

Like i said, i had an aisle seat but that seat was right next to the toilets. Which seemed to be brightly lit up ALL NIGHT! I counted at least 3 people that locked themselves in the toilet some how and started shoulder barging the door in a panic. Then there were the screaming babies. I felt like screaming too during the overnight flight so i was kind of envious that the babies got away with it. Swiss Air was great to fly with but the cabin lights stayed on well into the early hours of the morning while they fed us dinner near midnight. I did eventually get some sleep and i even remember half snuggling into Yana at one stage. He was asleep so it didn’t matter haha.

Yeah i know, you’re all thinking OMG she’s terrible but i promise you i do get worse as the trip goes on.


My Disaster in London #Rachelsworldtrip

We landed in Zurich but i didn’t have much time between connecting flights to London. All i could do was stare at the beautiful snow covered mountains from the plane. I was disappointed that i had an aisle seat again, i wanted to take photos as i flew over the Swiss Alps. As we take off i stretch my neck to see out the window. The little boy who was in the window seat was taking photos for his mum so i quickly gave him my phone and asked him to get a photo for me. Which of course started a great conversation between myself and his mum. That’s what i love about travelling, it’s not always about the destination.

My Disaster in London Rachelsworldtrip

The photo Vincent took of the Swiss Alps #rachelsworldtrip


My Disaster in London #Rachelsworldtrip

After nearly 15 hours in the air we land at Heathrow Airport in London. I felt like i’d been hit by a train thanks to jetlag so i wandered off the the bathroom to freshen up. I make myself look alive, repacked my bag and decided to get the subway into Paddington. That in itself wasn’t the best idea because i was staying in Kennington. Just a hint, it’s not near Paddington haha! A few hours later i finally found myself getting out at Elephant and Castle, walking in the drizzling rain to the Buddhist Centre. The Jamyang Centre is my favourite place to stay in London.

My Disaster in London Rachelsworldtrip

The rooms at The Jamyang Buddhist Centre used to be old cells #rachelsworldtrip


My Disaster in London #Rachelsworldtrip

It was only when i started unpacking that i noticed my makeup bag was missing. This wasn’t any old makeup bag either! The bag contained all my sponsored makeup, other very expensive makeup from New York and even my toothbrush and toothpaste. The bag itself was part of a sponsored gig! I was going frantic trying to remember the last place i had used it and then WHAM.


I can honestly say i’ve never left anything behind before so i was kicking myself. Not only did i have to buy the basics all over again, i had explain to the companies that i’d lost their products!

Just a tip, if you leave anything at Heathrow you must go online and report it to a huge private website. This website has nothing to do with Heathrow and you can more or less kiss your stuff goodbye.

Thankfully my friends messaged while i was in a panic and said let’s have lunch. It at least took my mind off losing the bag and they took me shopping to get a few things.


My Disaster in London #Rachelsworldtrip

My second day in London was much better, it was stilling raining but i had a great day shopping and taking photos. Another tip if you’re visiting London, umbrellas don’t withstand the wind very well so just wear long waterproof jackets with hoods. Makes life a lot easier. The weather declined into sleet and it was freezing so i ran into a bar/restaurant hoping to drink the weather away. It was only when i sat down with my Gin and Tonic i realised it was Jamie Oliver’s Restaurant. Jamie’s Italian in Piccadilly Circus

My Disaster in London Rachelsworldtrip

My 2nd day in London and feeling much better after a good sleep #rachelsworldtrip

The cute bartender just made my drink taste even better so i planned on hanging out there for a while. Then walked in Lance Brown* who was a bit tipsy. That’s when all the fun started! For the next few hours he kept me amused by being a dick and then he got booted out. He obviously had too much to drink but was pretty honest though. I googled him and what he told me seems to be the true. Hence why i changed his name.


My Disaster in London Rachelsworldtrip

Every time i arrive in London i’m jetlagged. Next time i head that way i’m either going to break up the flights or stay longer. Since i lost my makeup bag and had to go shopping, i really fell in love with London’s fashion scene. I spent the entire 2nd day just walking the streets, checking out the quirky shops or cool photo opportunities. I know most people wouldn’t class losing their makeup bag a disaster. Except when it’s filled with all your basic necessaries and sponsored products (some of which you can only buy in Australia) It felt like a disaster to me. It took me a good week before i stopped punishing myself, i had to accept that accidents happen. From then on i was super careful with all my gear so i learnt my lesson!

My next blog ‘Episode 3’ will be on Brussels, Ghent, Bruges and my hot Airbnb host!

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