How to Make Everyday Cooking Easier

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How to Make Everyday Cooking Easier

Spending your days on the go, meeting deadlines and fulfilling your everyday duties can really take a lot of your energy, so, when the time comes to refuel your body, takeout sounds much easier than cooking your own meal. However, basing your diet solely on the fast food and delivery is neither affordable nor healthy. Luckily, there’s plenty of ways to switch to a healthier diet that doesn’t require much effort. By making your cooking easier and quicker, you’ll be able to feast on homemade foods every day.

Start with a menu

Creating a menu for an entire week will speed up your cooking process. You won’t have to spend hours trying to think of an idea for dinner, but you’ll have everything planned out in advance. In addition, once you plan your meals, you can buy all the ingredients for the week’s menu. You can also gather different recipes or simply stick to what you know, especially on days when you’re on a tight schedule.

Work on your cooking skills

If cooking isn’t really your thing, but you want to stop eating takeout, you should take some time to work on your skills. This will speed up the entire process significantly because you’ll know what works for you, what you need to prepare your favourite meals, how long will certainly foods take to prepare and so on. You’ll also be able to design a functional cooking environment that meets your needs. For example, you’ll be able to keep the ingredients that you often use within your reach while storing the rest away.

Don’t forget the oven

Remember the oven? That part of your stove that you barely use? Well, it’s time you started because this is the most time- and energy-efficient way to prepare your meals. You don’t have to spend a lot of time cooking – you can just leave your food and check it from time to time. From vegetables and meat to pastries and treats, the list of oven-friendly foods is quite long, so take your pick.

Set up a day for grocery shopping

Instead of trying to squeeze in shopping before work or going to a store after work when you’re already exhausted, you should schedule shopping on weekends when you have more free time. You won’t be in a hurry and you’ll have time to create a shopping list that will prevent you from spending a small fortune on things you don’t need.

Take it online

If you’re really on a tight schedule and don’t have time to go shopping, shopping from home is always an option. You can shop from your favourite stores without leaving your home. You can even buy meat online these days, and the best butcher in Sydney is introducing this easy option, too! In addition, you can always compare prices, find the best bargains and save a lot of money.

Make use of the leftovers

There’s nothing easier than preparing large portions and having meals ready for two or three days. You won’t have to cook every day, but you’ll still be able to feast on some delicious homemade specialties. However, certain foods aren’t meant to be leftovers. For example, salads and greens can become quite slimy and mushy, so it’s better to eat them fresh. Cooked chicken, pork or beef, on the other hand, are delicious even when reheated. You can even freeze some of the leftovers if you don’t want to eat them the following day and leave them in the freezer for emergencies.

Stock up

Stocking up your fridge and pantry with non-perishables and foods that don’t decay easily will enable you to prepare a quick meal from the ingredients you have instead of having to go to a store in the middle of cooking. You have a range of options, such as potatoes, garlic, canned foods, pasta, chopped spinach, zucchini noodles, etc. You can also prepare certain meals and freeze them, so when you don’t have much time to cook, you’ll have several pre-prepared meals handy.

With these simple steps, you can make your cooking easier and enjoy healthy and delicious foods every day.

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