My Favourite Travel Photography Gear

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My Favourite Travel Photography Gear

Taking great photos doesn’t have to cost the earth!

I often get asked which camera do i use for my Instagram photos and most people are shocked at what i tell them. So here is my favourite travel photography gear all in one blog and it doesn’t cost the earth.

Most of my photos have been taken on my phone because that’s what i carry around all the time. I suggest investing in a phone with a good camera, i don’t care what brand you buy just test it out first. I took photos on the standard Samsung phone and i think the note definitely took better photos.

My favourite travel photography gear

Mefoto Backpacking Tripod, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Olympus Tough Camera


I’ve used the Samsung  Note 2 and the Note 4 for the last 3 years or so of travelling. I find they take great photos and the screen is large so it’s easy to use when i’m trying to book last minute tours when i’m overseas.

The other great feature of these phones is that they have a removable battery. I have extra batteries charged up and i take them with me on long day trips so i never miss a moment. They only downfall is they aren’t water resistant like some of the newer phones but that’s what underwater cameras are for!

SONY A6000 CAMERA $780 (body only)

Now i haven’t had this baby very long so i haven’t taken it on a holiday yet. I’ve been playing with it around town though and i’ve found because it’s a mirrorless camera, it can drain the batteries very quickly when you shoot in RAW. As usual i’ve got 3 extra batteries but when i go overseas in March for a month i’m thinking of buying a few more spare batteries in case i decide to take videos. I bought the 16-50 mm lens  ($150) to use around town and so far it’s been fine. When you buy a camera lens usually the more you spend the better quality you get so it’s not always about the expensive camera body. Just ask other photographers what they use and get some insight before you spend thousands.

My favourite travel photography gear

Sony A6000 with 16-50mm Lens

*24.3 Megapixal, 3 inch Tilting LCD Ccreen, Full HD Video Recording, 11 Frames Per Second Burst Mode

The main reason i bought the Sony was size! I own a Canon 60d and it’s so heavy to carry around all day so i tend to leave that at home. The batteries in the Canon last way longer but it doesn’t have WIFI and all the other cool features so you really need to buy a camera that is totally suited to your needs.


I love my Olympus Tough camera because it takes great photos and it didn’t cost the earth. Apparently it’s been discontinued but you can still find them on Ebay.

It’s got WIFI, waterproof up to 15m/50ft, snow proof  up to -10/14*f  and shock proof  up to 2.1m/7ft. It has GPS features and all in HDMI. You can use it manually  (limited manual settings) or just use the automatic settings either way it takes great photos.

I always have 3 extra batteries charged up on hand when i go snorkeling or hiking. It only takes photos in JPEG but that’s fine for most people, you can still edit them in Lightroom or Photoshop if you want too.

My favourite travel photography gear

Mefoto Backpacking Tripod


You need a tripod for night photography and getting those awesome flowing water shots so i bought a fold up tripod so i could take it with me on trips. It isn’t as easy or as quick to use as most standard tripods but it does the job if you’re not in a hurry. If i had my time over i might have looked around more before buying it but as usual i rush in and say that looks cool. It only weighs 1.2kg/2.6lb and folds down to 315mm/12.4 inches long so i can’t really complain. I wouldn’t want to travel with anything heavier in my backpack.

So now you know my photography secrets, all of this gear costs under $2000 and you might only need one of these items. I like to have all of my bases covered.

Thanks for being part of my journey

Rachel Brown

Photo Blogger


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