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New York Boutique Walking Tours

See the real New York!

New York boutique walking tours are a fantastic idea and i love the ideology of one company in particular.

Local Expeditions is a community driven, micro- adventure company that runs intimate tours of New York, Boston and Holderness. The tours last between 2-3 hrs, only cost $40 US  and have a maximum of 10 people.

The part that caught my eye was each tour gives 5% of the tour takings back to the community, to a local charity of the guides choice!

Central Park, New York

The owner Nancy Blaine came across this idea by accident. Nancy had out of town colleagues visit so she decided to take them to the local places she knew and loved. Showing the places that meant something personal to her and telling the visitors her personal stories along with some historical facts  The out of town colleagues loved it so much because it wasn’t like normal tours. It was personal and unique !

Nancy loves travelling and dislikes going on the normal tours herself so she figured there was a space in the market for the “Anti Tour” which is what Local Expeditions is all about.

screenshot_2016-05-17-13-02-21-1-01-1I personally love the analogy  “Anti-tour”.

There’s nothing worse then feeling like a herd of cattle. Listening to a guide talking in a monotone voice about a place they really don’t care about.  You won’t experience that with Local Expeditions. The guides only take the tours they are passionate about which means you’ll get so much more from the tour.

Don’t think for a minute that being a micro-adventure company means limited tour choices! There is something that will interest just about everyone on their tour list.

Pick a Tour

  • Walk from Brooklyn Heights to Dumbo
  • Forest Hills: NYC’s English Village
  • Historical Nosh of the lower East Side
  • West Village pub walk
  • On Golden Pond, Holderness
  • Long Island, Then and Now
  • Soho Gardens
  • Tiptoe through the Tulips
  • Experience Beautiful Boston
  • Central Park
  • Coney Island Photography
  • Prospect Park Brownstones

That’s only some of the tours on offer and if you check out the Local Expeditions website you can see which tour gives to what charity.

New York Boutique walking tours are becoming more popular and i have seen other small walking tours. The fact that the community benefits from your tour really impressed me. The world needs more people like Nancy!

Thanks for being part of my journey.

Rachel Brown

Photo Blogger

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