Unexpected Lust in Brussels #Rachelsworldtrip

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Unexpected Lust in Brussels #Rachelsworldtrip


The worst part about booking an early train to another country is the 4.30am wake up. I usually pack everything up the night before so i just need to get dressed and leave. The Buddhist Centre is really quiet. So there i am dragging down a backpack on wheels and all my camera gear separately so they wouldn’t hear me grunting and growning. I had planned on getting the 5.30am train from Elephant & Castle to the International Station called St Pancras except when i arrived at the station the gates we still locked until 5.30am. Ok first thing to go wrong, not to worry!

unexpected lust in brussels rachelsworldtrip

The next train made it to St Pancras with 30 mins to spare. I always book my tickets in advance and print them out so i don’t need to worry lining up to buy them. Lucky, because by the time i made it through customs, it was time to board. No coffee or croissant for me! I found my seat and it was facing backwards which i’m not a fan of and hardly any view from the odd shaped window. So my morning wasn’t going all that perfect but hey, at least i was on the train and i could catch up with writing notes for the trip.


Unexpected Lust in Brussels Rachelsworldtrip

Within an hour i was hanging out for a coffee and a croissant so i wandered down to the food carriage. The large buttery croissants were calling my name loud and clear. There were so many business men lined up in their suits. Obviously the early train allowed them to get to Brussels for mid morning business meetings. I was over the moon when it was my turn and i ordered a large croissant, coffee, a bottle of water and a kitkat. I know my diet wasn’t particularly healthy but i was on holidays.

Next thing i heard was ‘Sorry your card was declined’ in a fancy French accent. It was my ANZ Travel Card so i wasn’t surprised, i had issues with it a few times in London. I had 2 other debit cards so i passed over the next one. Same thing!! Your card was declined! OMG. My last card was declined too. I had money in all of those accounts but they had just installed a new card system and apparently none of my cards were compatible just yet.

By this time a had a crowd of business people lined up behind me not looking very impressed. I looked in my wallet and i only had a few coins. Weaseling my way out of the line and said i’ll come back a bit later. When i arrived back at my seat i had someone sitting next to me. He was an English business man on his way to a meeting. I dumped out the contents of my wallet which contained coins from Singapore, Australia and London. He looked at me like i was crazy. A look i was getting used to on my travels so far. I enlisted my new ‘friend’ next to me in counting out my money. Turns out i had just over 2 Pounds. Not enough to buy what i wanted but i was getting desperate so i was willing to negotiate.


Feeling kind of annoyed, hungry and slightly desperate, i strutted up to the counter. The French guy wasn’t serving, instead there was a down to earth English guy. He listened to my story and said ‘ I’ll get you leftover croissants from the 1st class carriage and some water, just give me 70 Pence’. I wandered back to my seat with a huge smile on my face. I know it wasn’t much but sometimes when you’re travelling you have to be grateful for small things. My new English friend had a laugh because i even came back with change. The 3 hour trip was almost over and i was excited to see what Brussels looked like in the flesh.


Unexpected Lust in Brussels Rachelsworldtrip

As usual i had a romanticised Brussels in my mind, I need to stop doing that. The weather was dark and drizzly so i decided to get a taxi to the AirBnb. It was a quick ride and the taxi driver wasn’t impressed that it was so close. I just wasn’t in the mood to get all my bags wet. I had already sent Vincent an email letting him know that i would be arriving mid morning so he was there waiting for me.

Vincent lived in a 3 storey semi-detached building that had a long dark hallway where residents left their bicycles. He buzzed the front door open and met me at the bottom of the stairs leading to his first floor apartment. I’m never lost for words but when i saw him i became completely and utterly awkward. Vincent grabbed my large backpack and started up the narrow stairs with me trailing behind him. Once we walked into his flat and i could see him in total daylight things just got worse.

unexpected lust in brussels rachelsworldtrip

My very handsome Airbnb Host #rachelsworldtrip

Standing roughly 6 feet tall, with light brown messy hair sticking out from under his second hand looking beanie. I knew straight away he was artist but a glance around the living room confirmed it. Abstract pieces of artwork surrounded the walls and i just wanted to ask him a thousand questions. Vincent lead me to a room full of girlish things which included 2 baby pet turtles in a tank.

unexpected lust in brussels rachelsworldtrip

My room for the 2 nights #rachelsworldtrip

It was his daughter’s room and he asked me if i could feed the turtles while i was staying there. How could i say no to this handsome stranger standing in front of me. The bed was full of maps and information about Brussels, as far as an AirBnb it had everything that i needed. I was given the keys to the apartment and then my handsome host left for work. As he was going out the front door i asked if he’d be back for dinner and he said probably not. He gets home late. I was a little disappointed but i soon got over it and grabbed a map so i could explore Brussels.

unexpected lust in brussels rachelsworldtrip

Brussels amazing gothic inspired buildings #rachelsworldtrip


Unexpected Lust in Brussels Rachelsworldtrip

Belgium was the 3rd country i visited during my 28 day world trip. I was still ultra motivated and i wanted to see everything i could possibly see while i was there. I headed towards the tallest gothic looking tower i could see and ended up at the Town Hall. Even the drizzling rain couldn’t take my attention away from the beautiful buildings i stumbled upon. I adore the architecture throughout Europe. It just blows my mind and i’m hoping to see more of Europe next year.

unexpected lust in brussels rachelsworldtrip

Streets of Brussels #rachelsworldtrip

The weather wasn’t kind but the huge Belgian waffle with chocolate sauce and fresh strawberries made everything better.

unexpected lust in brussels rachelsworldtrip

Belgium Waffles #rachelsworldtrip

By 4pm i felt like i was getting a head cold so i decided to get some cold and flu medication from the chemist. The lady behind the counter found it hard to understand me so i started making coughing sounds and sick looking faces. That seemed to work and 22 Euro later i walked out with a few different types of medicine. I was just hoping that it was for cold and flu and not something else. Everybody knows i love gin and tonic so i grabbed some on the way back to Vincents. Probably not the smartest idea to mix alcohol with medication. Thinking that i was going to be eating alone, i also picked up take away so i was set for the night.


Unexpected Lust in Brussels Rachelsworldtrip

You can imagine my surprise when i arrived home to find Vincent in the kitchen cooking his dinner. I poured a gin and tonic instantly and walked up the narrow spiral staircase to the kitchen. Despite trying to act all cool, i could feel the flu medication mixing with the gin. The nerves started fading and i started asking questions. Turns out Vincent was a well known Photographer born in Belgium. He passed over one of his portfolios for me to look at but was still very humble about his accomplishments. I was his 2nd last guest because he was concentrating on photography and art full time. Business was booming for him. I watched him cook and eat his dinner while i drank. Even after 2 Gin and Tonics i still felt awkward and he was getting cuter by the minute.

unexpected lust in brussels rachelsworldtrip

The kitchen where the awkward conversations took place! #rachelsworldtrip

There was a hundred questions i wanted to ask but i knew if i opened my big mouth i would say something i regretted. I wanted to know if he was single and all sorts of other inappropriate questions. I still had another whole day and night there so i ended up back in my room with the single bed and turtles to keep me company. What were the odds that a Travel Blogger who loves taking photos ended up in a well known Photographers home on the other side of the world. God i love AirBnb.

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